Scrap Around The World March Challenge.

    Scrap Around The World March 2014 Challenge
  Hello. This is my works. Congratulations!. I love this pale pink mood board. I was
    inspired by the pink and flowers and cake from mood board of Scrap Around The
    World. Congratulations on your kindergarten graduation! xoxo This is a graduation
    celebration. I used the stamps of Magnolia because there is no photo. I colored in the
    color of the uniform. I popped up the whole. I've coloring the flower. I used three
    colors mist and glitter. Small flowers are handmade.



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Amy Voorthuis さんのコメント...

Such a pretty project really love your work thank you so much for sharing this with us at Scrap Around the World xox Amy ;-)

natu さんのコメント...

Hello. Amy Voorthuis.
I made a cute atmosphere♥(^O^)♥
Thank you so much.