"evolution of prize", and "World Diabetes Day".

    That arrived safely. Fortunately, I receive a luxurious prize from Wonder House.
    Prize is die cut machine "evolution". I was also happy to receive a certificate of
    merit. I got an email. Even better, they are going to display my works at the next
    year's "Hobby Show", and a real shop of Wonder House. I'm happy to hear good news
    from staff of Wonder House. 
  ワンダーチャレンジ(2014/10/27Accessories of Wonder challenge」・2014/11/10Good news」)
  入っていました。さらに、嬉しいメールが届きました!! ワンダーハウスの店舗での

    "World Diabetes Day". I went to see the lit up again this year too. Kobe Port Tower
    and Maritime Museum, mosaic large Ferris wheel was lit up in blue. 

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