January Sketch Ed's DT work.

    I received contact from Ed. I was invited to the Groovie Covers & Ed's Sketch Design
    Team of Singapore. I was surprised!! This work is Ed's Sketch & Stamp Challenge.
    January Sketch. Paper is all bazzill. I express "reconstruct". I've used various types of
    painting materials, mist and glitter. I laid a lot of paper. Clock was used the clear
    stamp of Brownie-Brownie. There is a hidden brown tag with journaling under the
    photo. Title is "KOBE". I live in Kobe. It is a city with an exotic atmosphere. Kobe is
    famous for Kobe beef, Bread and Western confectionery. Tomorrow, it was passed 20
    years since the "Great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake disaster". I'll never forget that
    シンガポールのGroovie Covers & Ed's Sketch Design Teamから声をかけていただき

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Edleen さんのコメント...

Hi Natu, so glad to have you on Ed's Sketch,Got Stamp? Design Team :)

Love this!!!

natu さんのコメント...

Hi Edleen.
Thank you for your comment❤