"Hyakutoban Day", and "Ebisu Festival".

    January 10th is "Hyakutoban Day" in Japan. Police phone number is "110". This is a
    pun. I saw player of Hanshin Tigers (Japanese pro baseball team) there. His name is
    Takashi Shimizu. Takashi Shimizu of catcher, become the commander of Hyogo
    police for one day on Jan 11. 

  Ebessan. Ebisu Festival starts yesterday. Everybody prayed for a thriving
  business. It’s said that if you come here your business will prosper. I went to Ebisu
  Festival in Hyogo Ward. A Japanese Festival, done in honor of Ebisu the Buddhist
  God of  Wealth, in which merchants pray for prosperity in business. "If you bring
  bamboo grass to me, I’ll let your business proper!" Ebisu Festival is very popular in
 Do you know the YEBISU BEER of Sappro Breweries Limited? He is Ebisu God of
  Seven Gods of Good Luck.

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