"Chrysanthemum shows", and "Family celebration".

    "Chrysanthemum shows in Sorakuen". Many types and varieties are displayed at
     chrysanthemum shows. The size of the flower is more than a man’s fist. Extremely
     beautiful flowers. 
  「第3 神戸菊花展」が相楽園で開催中ということで、駅の近くに菊の花が展示して


     I got a family celebration from her. Rusk of "GATEAU FESTA HARADA". She gave
     birth to cute boy. I’m celebrating the birth of your baby. I felt happy about the birth
     of her baby. We share happiness together. Thank you so much. 
   ガトーフェスタハラダのラスク「グーテ・デ・ロワ」!! ありがとうございました。

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