"Plants exhibition" and "Ikebana exhibition".

    I went to "colorful garden plants exhibition". In the greenhouse there was a potted
    plant of colorful plants. Most of the plants are cultivated in pots. Plants always has
    been placed carelessly.(^^ There were a lot of four-leaf clover. I become happy just
    by looking at that.Finally I want to enjoy gardening. 
  てあるだけです(^^ 四葉のクローバーがこれだけあれば幸せがやってきそう?!です。

    I went to go see the early part of ikebana exhibition of Hyogo Prefecture. Ikebana is
    a traditional art in Japan. I don't know why, event venue have dim lighting.
    Looking in a dim event venue is a great sadness. There are the theories of ikebana
    unique to each school. I don’t like all sorts of things are jumbled up together. I think
    that I don’t need an ornament and artifact. I like the beauties of nature. 
  演出のねらいかも?! 自然のままの美を楽しめる作品が多くてよかったです。

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