Season’s greetings, and "Monjayaki".

    Merry Christmas!! I shoot Christmas lighting at the Kansai this year too. I wish you
    a joyful Christmas from the bottom of my heart. Christmas of Japan will soon over!
    In Japan preparation for New Year’s festivities starts tomorrow. 
  メリークリスマス!! 今年もきれいなクリスマスの風景を撮影しました。明日からは新年
  This is the first time that I’ve eaten Monjayaki. Savoury pancake with various fillings
    thinner than okonomiyaki?? It's difficult to description that. But, the good news is
    that monjayaki tastes a whole lot better than it looks. Rice cake is nicely. 
  「芦屋 威風」で人生初のもんじゃ焼き。具はお餅と明太子、紫蘇、ちくわで、鰹が効いて

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