Sketchabilities #132

    Sketchabilities #132. Hello. This is my work. Title is "LOVE". I love strawberry The
    sweets I made by myself were especially delicious. This photo is "Strawberry
    Bavarian cream". It melts in my mouth. And this is so rich and thick. Background is
    white bazzill. I enjoy playing with background, creating textures and adding colours.
    I've used various types of painting materials, mist and glitter. Parts were colored
    Gelatos of Faber-Castell. Journal is behind a picture. This work is adult a calm
    atmosphere, but there are also cute.

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SistersArt .Creation さんのコメント...

Hi, I would love to see your creation but the photo is too small. I couldn't exactly see it properly. But thank you for playing along with Sketchabilities. Hugs, Merry.

ElenaB. さんのコメント...

awesome layout! thanks for playing with sketchabilities!

natu さんのコメント...

Thank you for making a comment❤
Oh my goodness…(T_T) Can you not expanding the image? I don't go along well with blog of blogger. Image button doesn't work right for these past 10 months. So I copy and paste image. I was reset my personal computer. But blogger can't be repair.Do you think you can fix this?

natu さんのコメント...

Thank you so much!