"Exhibition of forest insects" and Night market.

    I went to the "Exhibition of forest insects". We go into the insect cage. I watched
    the beetles. So cool!! Visitors can walk around freely and touch insects in the
    enormous insect cage. Children is too touch. Beetles were getting weaker, it seems.
    Languish. I feel sorry. 
  観賞(^^ 子供達に触られすぎて弱っているカブトムシもいてかわいそうでした。

  I went to the night market Motomachi.  On festival day, both sides of the street are
    lined with stalls. Night Market was crowded with people. A long line. Popular shop,
    where waiting in a line is inevitable. This shop is popular. Menu is only steak.
    1 dish 500 yen. 

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