Bottle of "Mason Jar".

    DIY to use the bottle of "Mason Jar" is now prevalent in the United States. I found a
    flyer. Launched in Japan. A bottle of 350ml is 864yen. A bottle of 590ml is 1080yen.
    These are plastic goods. I usually used cute glass bottles of 108yen, but I am using
    glass bottles of candy this time. I decorate glass bottles. Anyone from adults to
    children can enjoy it. Paint, Stamp and Sticker. There is just so much else….
    "Mason Jar" (メイソンジャー)の瓶をDIYするのがアメリカで流行していて、ついに日本に
  入荷というフライヤーをソニプラで見つけました。プラスチック容器で350ml 864円・
  590ml 1080円です。今回は自宅用なので、飴ちゃんの入っていたガラス瓶で遊んで

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