"KINDAI MAGURO" and " Orchestra".

    "TEN-QOO MAGURO" of Japan brand. I looked the dismantling of the "TEN-QOO
     MAGURO". This tuna was born in Kinki University production and grew up in
     Amakusa of Kumamoto. This tuna is complete Farm-Raised. Farm-Raised Tuna now
     popular in Japan. How many times have you done this dismantling show? Familiar
     sight. These days it isn't unusual.

      I went to the regular concert of  "Orchestra". I invited friend. But she said, "I get
      sleepy whenever I listening the classic music. I think this is rude attitude. So I
      won't go." I think so, too. But "Waku waku orchestra" don't feel drowsiness. "Waku
      waku orchestra" for children. Now that I am grown-up, I want to have a lofty hobby.
   失礼でしょ」と返事が。 確かに。考えてみれば寝ずにクラシックを楽しんだのは

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