Additional sample.

    Additional sample. (2014/7/17/Photo stand of DecoNap and Gift box) From this year,
    school in Kobe begins the school from the end of August. Summer vacation will
    end after only a little. My class starts next week. I have to finish my homework
    during summer vacation. I’m in the homestretch. This is a picture of when we went
    to outdoor activities and pool. Size is 6 inches. There is no room like that in my
    budget. So I can’t display the picture in a frame and album. I want to shop without
    thinking about money(^^ I'm just a volunteer. There are no sponsors to our
    activities. There is no precedented for this sort of thing. This is a typically
    bureaucratic way of working. It is what it is. So we can't get the cooperation of a
    board of education. But, we are working hard with the cooperation of teachers and
  追加見本。(2014/7/17/Photo stand of DecoNap and Gift box) 神戸市は8月末から授業開始に

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