Doraemon and Bon dance.

    I found a Doraemon. Doraemon is such a cute character. 
  ドラえもんを発見。藤子・F・不二雄 生誕80周年フェアだそうです。いろいろな
 キャラクターに出会ってきましたが、一番可愛いかったです'(*><*))) スタイルが


    I went to the "Kobe Bon Festival dance 2014". Yesterday was rained out. Kansai's
    largest Bon Festival dance. A scaffold is about 6 meters. Kobe Bon Festival dance
    2014 abounds in various kinds of dance. I listen to live music. It was excellent!!
    Japanese folk song Rocks.
    Bon Festival dance. Japan has a holiday period called Obon. Many people go back
    to their hometown during the Bon holidays. The Bon dance is the Japanese
    traditional folk dance. Bon dance is for holding a memorial service for the spirits of
    our ancestors. The dancers from circles around the center tower that is made in
    wood temporarily and dance to the Bon dance song played with Japanese traditional
    drums. Some people wear Yukata.

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