Daytime version of "Splash Fantasia 2014" and "Gourmet Land".

    Today, I looked at the daytime version of "Splash Fantasia 2014". This is a
    remarkable show of water works. A few days ago, I looked at the evening show.
    (2014/8/8Splash Fantasia 2014」)Night is most decidedly beautiful. As it become
    darker, so beautiful and fantastic view. 
  日中にも開催されている「スプラッシュ ファンタジア 2014」。先々週は夜のショーを
  見ました。2014/8/8Splash Fantasia 2014 抜け落ちそうで怖かった2階のウッドデッキ

  I went to "Gourmet Land". World Gourmet and local gourmet throughout Japan has
   put out stalls. There is a many open-air stall. There is also beer garden of Ichiban
  Shibori. (Beer garden is outdoor beer restaurants.) This is the favorite pastime for
    many Japanese people in summer. I tried to go to the daytime of weekdays, but stall
    wasn't crowded. There are mostly no people that come to this open space.

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